Isabella Duke
A Skeleton in Every House
Further Reading

The Police Code, Sir Howard Vincent, 1912. First published in 1881 by the founder of the Criminal Investigation Department at Scotland Yard, the manual discusses police procedures of the time.

Charles Booth’s London, London School of Economics and Political Science. Poverty maps and police notebooks compiled by social reformer Charles Booth and his assistants between 1886 and 1903 as part of his research survey Life and Labour of the People in London.

The Family Physician, Cassell and Co, 1865. A household manual which provides an overview of general medical knowledge at the time, including the recommended treatment for opium addiction.

Flora Symbolica, John Ingram, 1869. A contemporary source on floriography, or the Victorian language of flowers.

Charing Cross, from Walks in London
London Bridge, from Walks in London

Tube Map Evolution, Ian Taylor. A map of the London Underground as it developed over time, beginning in 1863, based on historical maps and sources from Transport for London.

Peerage Basics, Laura Wallace. A comprehensive outline of the hierarchy of British nobility, with a section on correct forms of address in speech and writing.

Walks in London, Augustus Hare, 1880. Contemporary notes and observations on the districts of London, their history, landmarks, and general character.

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